Small Engine Software – The Ope Dealer’s Answer To Automation

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Small Engine Software – The Ope Dealer’s Answer To Automation

Small Engine Software, The Outdoor Power Equipment Dealer’s Answer to Automation

Small engine dealerships that carry a large quantity of hardware can experience inventory management nightmares. Many stores hire extra people to begin counting every part on the floor and shelves at the end of the year. Some small engine dealerships hire one or two individual’s full time just to keep track of their inventory.

What most outdoor power equipment dealers don’t know is that they can save anywhere from $25,000 to $75,000 per year, just by implementing an automated system that will do it all for them.

How much does a store owner pay for an inventory control clerk’s salary? How much do they pay for two inventory managers? When there is nothing to count or manage, what else are they doing that will bring you more business?

Hire employees that will get you more business. How do they get you more business? It isn’t counting parts; it’s helping your customers.

Have you ever seen a customer leave because your employees had too much time to help them find the best outdoor power equipment for their home or business; of course not. So put your employees where it matters most so we can keep your business streamlined behind the scenes, while your profits continually increase.

What can we do to automate your business? With over 21 years of hard work and listening to thousands of dealers worldwide, we provide our business owners with the best small engine software system in the outdoor power equipment software business.

Some of the manufacturers we work with are: Briggs & Stratton; Kohler; Tecumseh; Toro; John Deere; Stihl; Echo; Scag; Ariens; MTD; Honda; Murray; Cub Cadet; Kubota; Husqvarna; and that’s only the beginning.

What does our small engine software do for our OPE dealers?

Here are just a few features our dealers enjoy every day.

– Point of sale (POS) with detailed customer information including purchase history, items on order, additional contacts/addresses/phone numbers and customer specific pricing.

– Real-time business management reports that customize to your personal needs in order to better analyze the efficiency and profitability of your business.

– The ability to track detailed information about each serialized/whole good item so you can quickly view where the item was purchased, warranty months, notes for each serial number, second engine number and serial number, mileage or meter, floor plan due date, and create customized product fields.

– The ability to view and track floor plan information so you can easily access the financing information on all of the serialized items you have in stock.

– Advanced Customer Relationship Management features that increase sales and improve customer service.

– Automatic purchase order creation based on sales history and seasonal levels.

– ProQuest eConnect interface which allows you to send orders to your supplier via the internet.

– Interfaces to PartSmartTM and ProQuest’s PartsManager Pro.

– Enhanced inventory control features that allow you to quickly and easily manage your entire inventory and reduce costs.

– Detailed shop management and work order features that allow you to track detailed information about each work order so you can easily find information such as delivery dates, special requests, tag number, completion date and much more.

– Excellent support staff and training.

The list goes on, but you can see why Ideal Computer Systems not only provides you with an answer to handle your toughest inventory control tasks, but gives you a small engine software program that gives you more time to enjoy what you want most, well-deserved time off.

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