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5 Facts about Product Sourcing in Asia


The significant expansion of sourcing activities from Asia has been a trend for a while now. The strategies which involve Asia as the place of product sourcing give the opportunity to business owners to maintain low costs and gain strategic advantage. However, the international buyers should bear in mind different challenges which await them in the Asian market. You should be aware of the following facts if you are thinking of product sourcing from Asia. So here are some basic facts and information about product sourcing from Asia which may help your business endeavors:

  1. Get in touch with suppliers

Getting in touch with suppliers in the low-cost regions is not as difficult nowadays as it used to be decades ago. However, it is advisable that you approach such matter with utmost caution. It is essential that you go through meticulous quality inspection of potential suppliers concerning the quality, design and financial capabilities of your associates. This careful process of selection should not be rushed, as it is essential to your production and success of your business.


  1. Learn about the business culture

By learning about the business culture you will gain the advantage in any potential problems which may stem from cultural differences. Communication seems to be the leading cause for failure in the international sourcing activities, and this is particularly applicable to cultures which are much different than the ones we are accustomed to, those predominantly being Asian cultures.

  1. Learn about laws

Familiarizing yourself with the laws in the country of your preferred outsourcing is also something you should devote attention to. This will provide you with the much needed know-how about the rules and regulations which may affect your outsourcing possibilities.

  1. Understand the basics

Understanding the basics for outsourcing will make you understand the technical aspects of how items are produced and sourced. This will require some learning but it does not mean you have to be a specialist in order to understand some basic things. You do not have to be a designer, or a software engineer, however it will be useful for you as the business owner to understand the components of the product you are sourcing. This will benefit you and your business in the long run.


  1. Plan

Plan your product sourcing strategy and stick to it. At first it is useful if you set lower goals, such as sticking to sourcing within your geographical region, but with the expansion of your business in product sourcing you can also expand. Make prototypes and pilot products. This will make you more confident. It will also show you whether you will be able to source the product more easily or whether it will only make your job more difficult. Needless to say, if it requires more money and effort than the benefits it may bring you should drop out of all such projects and stick to those you are familiar with and that work as a clock for you.

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